Friday, February 13, 2009

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Are You Using Twitter?

What in the world is Twitter?

That's exactly what I asked when I was first exposed to it while attending last year's Olympic Trials at the National Whitewater Center. (I attempted to use it, but was unsuccessful, so I forgot about it for several months.)

The second time I heard about Twitter was via free marketing podcasts I downloaded from iTunes. My natural curiosity peaked when I heard there were 1,000,000 people using it!

I suspect that many of you are connected to the Internet in a variety of ways including social and business networking sites like Facebook, Linked-In or Plaxo. Twitter is unique & more business oriented . . .

It is described as a "Real-time, short (140 characters) messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices." .


"The singular thing that distinguishes Twitter from blogs, RSS, IM, email, etc. is synergy. It is the synergy between people’s individual streams that makes Twitter special. This happens because of an increasingly large and diverse user base, because of retweeting and other meme-spreading mechanisms, and because of serendipitous interactions and spontaneous conversations."

I am a rookie tweeter at Twitter and an enthusiastic "student". I'm interested in your thoughts and uses for Twitter . . . please share.

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