Monday, September 14, 2009

Loosen Up!

Back in July I wrote about my new experience & journey with yoga. It continues to be absolutely amazing to me both physically and spiritually! I learn new moves weekly that challenge my strength and flexibility every session!

As a golfer and a golf instructor, I have struggled with hip flexibility and strength. Yoga has helped me improve both and I am now beginning to properly articulate positions in my golf swing I once found very difficult to achieve.

However, the changes have been accomplished by two new disciplines . . .

I also want to share with you my experience with the Carolina Sports Clinic and Dr. Joshua Kollmann, MS, CSCS, NASM-PES. Dr. Kollmann is certified in Active Release & Graston in addition to being a chiropractic specialist. And, in August he spent a week in Greensboro, NC treating PGA Tour Professionals at the Wyndham Championship.
(As soon as I can get him to sit still for 15 minutes I'll get the full report on his experience and post it here.)

In addition to his practice, Dr. Kollman is cyclist and runner, competing regularly in Ironman competitions.

Wow, what a great compliment Dr. Kollman has been to my yoga practice. His various treatment techniques have kept my back pain-free for the first golf season in nearly 10 years! My range of motion has improved greatly and it has been much easier to be on a strengthening routine . . . I am loose and it feels great.

Check out Dr. Kollmann's website at Phone: 704-544-5353

Take Your Best Game to the Course

Taking it to the Course

What keeps you from taking your best game to the golf course? Everyone wants consistency in their game, but it appears to be so elusive. I believe it begins with fear and only ends with confidence. What’s in between is commitment and trust.

  • Are you clear about executing a shot or does your focus lie in playing “avoidance” golf?
  • Golf is a game of misses. The only perfect shot is a hole-in-one, so accept that while you will not always execute perfect shots, the misses work too.
  • Fear not.

  • Attaining each level of competency in the game requires the focus of time and energy. Commit yourself to whatever time you have available to take instruction, practice and play. Set goals accordingly. (S.M.A.R.T. goals are a great start: Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic & Timely)
  • Commit yourself to the fundamentals: grip, posture, aim and alignment.
  • Always have a target. Golf is a target game. Be specific. Evaluate and gain feedback.
  • Commit to gaining proficiency on a particular shot for a specific period of time. e.g. short pitching, bunker play, fairway woods, mid-irons, etc.

  • Decide the type of shot you want to execute and trust it. (I had the opportunity to work with former LPGA Tour Player Donna White several years ago on my own game. She preached, “State your intention, then execute it.”) Indecision ruins many shots, especially short game shots.
  • See it, feel it and rehearse it in the “mind’s eye” before you execute it.
  • If your mind wanders as you begin to address the shot, begin again. (This takes more courage and discipline than you realize.) Develop and practice a pre-shot routine on the practice tee you can take to the golf course. For beginners – this helps combat first tee jitters.

  • All of the above leads to confidence and greater success if you have a plan and a process. Failing to plan is planning to fail by default.

Play on and ENJOY!