Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yoga & Golf

I’ve long desired to experience yoga, but other than a few introductory sessions I never made the commitment. All that has changed now and here’s how: I met Aly Faber, owner of Empower Yoga at a networking event in April. We immediately bonded from an athletic perspective and following several conversations made a decision share our talents with one another. I am now practicing & learning yoga and Aly is doing the same with golf!

My Goals: Increase my physical fitness level including strength & flexibility (especially strengthening my back), improve upon balance & power in my golf swing, and last but not least, deepen my mental concentration and spirituality.

Session I: My first session was like embarking on a new adventure. Aly provided me with a brief history of yoga and encouraged me to “experience” it and not “think”. If you know me at all, I tend to be quite pensive, so here was my first challenge. I LIKE challenges!

Aly started me with a guided meditation focusing on breath and rich, descriptive images. As I began the movements, some were graceful and with ease, while others were strenuous, challenging my flexibility. The hour passed quickly. I finished a little fatigued but spiritually refreshed!


Session II:
As we began with the meditation I noticed it was easier for my mind to remain present. No thinking. Got it!!
Today I learned a number of new movements & poses. My favorites: Warrior I & II. Very cool! Aly is a very perceptive instructor, challenging my strength & flexibility, but making sure I achieved measured success and confidence through the session.

In today’s session it became apparent to me that I have found something in yoga that I’ve always searched for physically & spiritually, but had no idea where to look. In fact, I believe other than finding the love of my life, yoga may be the most profound discovery I’ve ever made! Am I being too dramatic? Oh, perhaps; but remember, I’m pensive. I’ve experienced the breath-taking solitude and beauty of playing a golf course at dawn & twilight as well as the Zen of fly fishing. I think yoga dares to exceed both!

I can’t wait until next week!