Monday, December 17, 2012

Stocking Stuffers for the Golfer

Finishing up with you holiday shopping? If you are like me, you leave a little things until last . . . such as the stocking stuffers  Here are some good ideas for the other golfers on your list . . . 

1. Game improvement software - Egolfplan
My preferred software.  Receive complimentary coaching for golfers who are on my instructional packages.  Ten day free trial available.

2.  Golf balls.  
There are many quality golf balls on the market that make it unnecessary to purchase over-priced balls brand such as Nike, Titleist ProV1, or Callaway, etc..

Before you get caught up in the marketing for low spin, keep in mind that spin creates lift to fly the ball higher, thus longer.  Unless you have a wicked hook or fight a pull slice, stay away from low spin balls.  Below are my top choices for reasonably priced balls:
Bridgestone - E5, $27
Maxfli - Noodle, & U/3, $25
Callaway - HX Diablo, $20
Srixon Q-Star, $25
Titleist - Velocity, $27

In addition, the following balls benefit children and adults who have lower clubhead speeds.  These balls are geared toward creating higher ball flight for greater carry.  More spin & lower compression.  Good qualities for increasing distance.  My top three picks are:
Bridgestone -  FIIXX, $20
Maxfli - U/2, $20
Srixon - Soft Feel, $20

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