Monday, April 2, 2012

Purchasing Equipment for Kids 101

My first recommendation is to beware when you shop the "big box" stores whether you are purchasing golf equipment for children or adults.   Retailers like Dick's and the new Academy Sports will offer box sets priced around $150-$200 (good if your number one priority is price) .   In order to remain in the $200 price range, the manufacturers use Zinc and Die Cast Aluminums including HST and 6061 Aluminum instead of stainless steel. These materials are softer than steel resulting in bending at the hosel (neck of the clubhead) generally within 18-24 months, rendering it a flat lie angle.  Its not typically visible to an untrained eye.  In layman's terms, ball flight in direction and trajectory are seriously compromised. 

Here are two points of caution: One, the box set may not list Zinc or Aluminum as materials.  However, if you see the word ALLOY, this means materials other than stainless steel are present.  Two, kids can swing just about anything at a golf ball and discover a strategy to get a ball airborne.  However, in the long run,  they will likely develop bad habits to do so.  Later on this affects skill development.

What I recommend:

Tour Edge.  Equipment available for kids through adult.  Quality made with stainless steel club head and available in graphite shafts.  Complete packages available with golf bag.  See more at   Their higher end equipment is Exotics. (You may not have heard of them, because they don't have a big advertising budget.  They have consistently received good reviews the past few years & have reasonable price points.)

Wilson.  My equipment guru tells me the equipment is good quality.  Wilson has been in the golf market for a long time.

U.S. Kids. Good introductory clubs for your child, but beyond 8 years of age, I find clubs for older children too flexible.

Cleveland. Great equipment.  If price is not an issue, the Tega Cay Golf Shop regularly carries a few sets for children.

My advisory staff:
John Mottolese - Equipment Specialist.  Certified in club repair and club making.  John is meticulous in his work and extremely knowledgeable. (When I have an equipment question, John is the first person I call.)  Contact John at 980-621-6094.  Email:  Studio in Pineville.

Erick Crawford, owner Golf Zone Outlet located at the Cadillac Ranch in Pineville
New and used equipment.  Good prices. Quality equipment.
On Facebook or Ebay
10401 Cadillac Dr; Pineville, NC 28134

Please tell John & Erick I sent you.  You'll be in good hands.

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Cami Berher said...

I refer my clients to John and Erick for several reasons:

1. Competence. They are knowledgeable & work together to ensure you are purchasing equipment that fits properly and/or your child can grow into.

2. Selection & Price. Your choice of new, used and custom equipment at reasonable prices. Erick is heavily involved in Ebay sales thus increasing your equipment choices. John builds clubs using quality components and also makes changes to existing equipment, e.g. shaft changes, length adjustments, grip replacement, etc.

3. Trade-In. Erick regularly takes Trade-ins, so if your child has outgrown his/her clubs here is an opportunity to save additional money.

4. Beginner Specialists - If you are just starting out, you have a choice of purchasing a partial set in some instances. John has built partial sets of clubs for many of the women I teach. So, if you are just starting out in the game to join your kids on the links . . . you don't have to break the bank.

5. Comfort & Confidence. Erick & John are not high-pressure and don't have an elitist attitude. You will feel comfortable asking ANY question and get a respectful and easy to understand response.

6. Consulting. I am usually involved in the purchase process. John & I typically converse if there are any concerns about equipment choices. Feel free to call me at anytime if you have questions.